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The Cloud Agent Suite is a set of tools, that will help you generate your own leads, write more offers, win more listings, and stay in touch with your clients.

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  • 80% of clients say they would use their last real estate agent again. Yet only 12% actually do. Homebeat sends automated CMAs to help you stay top of mind with your previous customers. Pump up your business, try it free until 2020.
  • Most leads come from the people you already know. Cloud Attract will help you generate your own leads without having to pay the big portals. Free until 2020.
  • Real estate’s most popular CMA just keeps getting better. Cloud CMA’s new design and upgraded reports are a modern real estate agent’s dream. Stand out and look more professional, create unlimited reports free until 2020.
  • Most listing alerts look spammy, don’t get delivered, and are way too slow. Cloud Streams sends beautiful listing alerts that make sure your clients are the first to know when new homes hit the market. Try it out with your clients, free until 2020.
  • Most MLS systems are hard to use and don’t work with any of your other tools. With Cloud MLX you can search the MLS with a Google like experience and it works with all the products in the Cloud Agent Suite. You may never go back to your old MLS system again. Don’t believe us? Try it free until 2020!
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Cloud CMA vs MLS Printouts
Cloud Streams Listing Alerts vs. Your MLS Listing Alerts
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Compare Cloud Streams to listing portals like Zillow & Redfin.
Cloud MLX Search vs. Your MLS Search.

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The Cloud Agent Suite is designed to be so intuitive you’ll need little or no training to start. But just in case…

  • Resource site with over 25 online how to videos
  • Weekly Live Cloud Agent Suite Webinars
  • Monthly Lead Generation Webinars
  • One on one online training available
  • Phone and email support is also included
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